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As Baruch's only consulting club, our goal is to create a support system where our members can empower their peers, their community, and themselves to launch careers into consulting-related fields


ROles at cyc baruch

The Executive Board consists of the Executive President, Executive Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Engagement Director, and Professional Development Director.

This team is responsible for the health and programming of the club.

Executive Board

As a CYC Baruch Analyst, you work with a team of 4-5 other student analysts: gathering and analyzing information, formulating and testing solutions, and developing and communicating recommendations.

Business Analyst


An Engagement Manager is responsible for leading a team of 4-5 business analysts, serving as the main point of contact with the client, and identifying problems and brainstorming solutions to the client's needs.

Engagement Manager

Committee members work to provide strategic input on the machinations and semester plans for the organizations. There are two committees at CYC Baruch: the social and professional committee. They are open to students who are or who have been a business analyst. 

Committee Member






Attend our information sessions and find out if CYC Baruch is right for you

Complete our application so we can get to know you better

If you pass the application screening process, you will be invited for an interview

If you pass the interview, you will be admitted into the organization as an analyst

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