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Consult Your Community is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to providing high quality pro bono consulting services to small businesses. Since the organization’s inception in 2013, over 20 chapters from top universities across the United States have been formed, creating a movement that empowers small businesses and student professionals alike.


CYC Baruch is composed of dozens of talented and committed students, and our organization aims to provide them with the tools and experience they need to succeed in life after college. Thus, our mission is two-pronged: providing accessible support to our city’s small business community, and developing the next generation of future business and consulting leaders.

who we are

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What we do

Since our founding in 2019, CYC Baruch has served over 50 small businesses. Through semester-long projects, our students engage with minority-owned small businesses to provide pro bono consulting services.


Utilizing the knowledge we gained from our education and experience growing up in the information age, we pride ourselves in helping our community through high-impact deliverables.


Founder's Message

We founded CYC to provide a platform for students who are passionate about consulting as well as helping local businesses around us. We hope that CYC will continue to help local businesses around campus and track the impact of our engagement. I am excited to see how CYC will continue to make a positive impact on campus and beyond


Our Current Team

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