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Our Spring '24 BA Application is NOW OPEN!



CYC Baruch aims to provide our members with practical knowledge and hands-on experience for personal and professional development. Thus, our mission is two-pronged: providing accessible support to our city’s small business community, and developing the next generation of future business and consulting leaders.

ROles at cyc baruch

The Executive Board consists of the Executive President, Executive Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Engagement Director, Professional Development Director, Culture Director, and Marketing Director.

This team is responsible for the health and programming of the club.

Executive Board

An Engagement Manager is responsible for leading a team of 4 business analysts, serving as the main point of contact with the client, and identifying problems and brainstorming solutions to the client's needs.

Engagement Manager

CYC Business Analysts are the core of what CYC provides. They work on engagements with small businesses to help them solve their problems through research, analysis, and developing recommendations. 

Business Analyst

Committee members support some the Executive Board. There are four committees at CYC Baruch: the Culture Committee, the Marketing Committee, the Professional Committee, and the Fundraising Committee. They are open to students who are or who have been a business analyst. 

Committee Member

The Client Acquisition Team is responsible for representing CYC Baruch to small businesses in New York City and identifying opportunities for our Business Analysts to make an impact and solve their business problems.

Client Acquisition

The Talent Acquisition Team is the primary point of contact between prospective Business Analysts and our organization. They participate in all recruitment processes, including interest meetings, coffee chats, interviews, and offers.

Talent Acquisition

Our application process is simple: Attend, Apply, Interview, and Offer.




Attend a general interest meeting, coffee chat, or preseason consulting panel to learn more about CYC and consulting careers.

Fill out an application and showcase how your interests, skills, and personality make you a great fit for a role as a BA and a member of CYC.

Those who submit the most exceptional applications will be contacted for an interview with current CYC leaders and team members.

Applicants who impress us the most during the application and interview process will be offered a role as a Business Analyst.


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